Know The Soil.

Know The People.

SpeakEasy represents a collective of the top cannabis growers in Canada, sharing decades of knowledge and experience to produce the finest product in the world. As the only licensed producer applicant in British Columbia’s renowned ‘Golden Mile’, our 290-acre facility in the South Okanagan Valley is celebrated for its ideal climate conditions, honoring this region’s tradition of excellence and a family legacy that has grown here for more than 120 years. We embrace the finest elements of a proud cannabis culture and years of agricultural expertise to do what we know best.


Growers Collective

For the Common


Shaped by the land and lessons of his family history, SpeakEasy CEO Marc Geen learned the value of community from his father, who ran Canada’s most successful farming cooperative for decades. Today, he carries on this tradition by bringing together a collective of world-class growers, each with a lifetime of experience producing the best in cannabis the world. Our innovative business model allows each grower to operate independently and gives them the freedom to develop each strain to perfection. SpeakEasy is an incubator designed to support industry-leading talent with the shared knowledge, resources, and passion of our entire operation.


Building a

Foundation For

the Future.

As the cannabis industry enters a new era, SpeakEasy will set the high standard for brands globally, engaging audiences with the story of our people and the excellence of our product. Farms will always be better than factories. Culture will always speak louder than corporations. Real people will always recognize authenticity. As the importance of brand identity begins to dominate the industry, SpeakEasy leads by example, building the foundation for success in the global cannabis market.


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Lead by experience.

Driving by passion.

Our team of passionate industry leaders bring a lifetime of in-depth knowledge and relevant experience in the agriculture business. Combining a love of cannabis and a dedication to the details, we’re building the benchmark for a global industry through our commitment to excellence.

Marc Geen, CEO & Director

A proud 4th-generation BC farmer, Marc Geen has been active in the legal medical marijuana industry for more than 10 years, consulting, complying with, and participating in the MMAR, MMPR, and ACMPR programs. Prior to co-founding Speakeasy Cannabis Club Ltd, Marc spent 14 years as Head of Operations for Kettle Mountain Ginseng Ltd, one of North Americas largest ginseng producers. The experience gleaned from a long career in large scale commercial farming, Mr. Geen has been able to apply many cost effective, good farming practices to the outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse cultivation of cannabis. Mr. Geen is also the co-creator of a full line of cannabis extract products designed under ACMPR regulations.

Merv Geen, Chairman

Merv Geen is the current Chairman of the board for SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd. Prior to the founding of SpeakEasy, Mr. Geen was the Chairman and Director of Sun-Rype Products Ltd, until it’s sale to the Pattison Group in 2013. Mr. Geen served as Director of the British Columbia Fruit Growers Association, BC Tree Fruits Ltd, and BC Fruit Packers. Previously, he served as Director of Sun-Rype Products Ltd. From 1987 to 1992. Mr. Merv Geen previously served as Secretary of Kettle Mountain Ginseng Ltd, and as an Executive of the Ginseng Growers Association.

Jeremy Ross, Director

Jeremy Ross has over 20 years of experience in venture capital and marketing for small cap to mid-tier mining, cannabis, and technology companies. He was a Director of Fission Uranium Corp TSX from 2013 to 2017, as well as the Corporate Development Consultant for Fission Energy when it was named a Top 50 TSX-V company for its performance. Mr. Ross was the head of corporate development for Able Auctions and Smart Tire systems, both of which graduated from the OTC-BB to the Amex stock exchange (NYSE). Mr. Ross currently holds multiple board positions with TSX, TSX.V & CSE listed companies.

Brian Peery, President

Prior to his appointment as President, Mr. Peery was a portfolio manager with Hennessy Funds of San Francisco, where he oversaw in excess of $7 billion in assets and managed over $3.5B. Previously, Mr. Peery held positions as senior equities analyst and managed the research and trading divisions of both full-service and boutique investment firms. Mr. Peery has been a member of SpeakEasy’s Advisory Board since May, 2018.

Alex Kaulins, CTO & Director

Alex Kaulins is the CEO and Co-Founder of Empire Experience, a premier cannabis brand in the State of Washington. He has spent the last three years developing and operating large commercial scale cannabis operations from scratch. To date he has built out turn-key facilities with 120,000 sqft of canopy and well over 10,000 pounds of flower harvested. Mr. Kaulins also consults on optimizing cannabis plant yields and production costs. Mr. Kaulins is a licensed general contractor with both a finance degree and economics degree from the University of Michigan.

David Cross, CFO 

Mr. Cross is a CPA, CGA and is currently a partner at Cross Davis & Company LLP Chartered Professional Accountants which provides accounting and consulting services to publicly traded companies. Mr. Cross has over 21 years of accounting experience and has been a partner of Cross Davis for over 8 years.


To be recognized as the global leader in producing premium cannabis.

OUR Values


After 50 years in agriculture understanding all the variables we deal with, the most important component to success is your people and seeing a common vision.


Chairman Merv Green