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Know The People.

SpeakEasy represents a collective of some of the top cannabis growers in Canada, sharing decades of knowledge, experience, and a common goal to produce the finest product in the world. Located in British Columbia’s renowned ‘Golden Mile’, our 290-acre facility in the South Okanagan Valley is celebrated for its ideal climate conditions, honoring this region’s tradition of excellence and a family legacy that has grown here for more than 120 years. We embrace the finest elements of a proud cannabis culture and years of agricultural expertise to do what we know best.


Growers Collective

For the Common


Shaped by the land and lessons of his family history, SpeakEasy Founder Marc Geen learned the value of community from his father, who ran Canada’s most successful farming cooperative for decades. Today, he carries on this tradition by bringing together a collective of world-class growers, each with a lifetime of experience producing some of the best in cannabis the world. Our innovative business model allows each grower to operate independently and gives them the freedom to develop each strain to perfection. SpeakEasy is an incubator designed to support industry-leading talent with the shared knowledge, resources, and passion of our entire operation.


Building a

Foundation For

the Future.

As the cannabis industry enters a new era, SpeakEasy will set the high standard for brands globally, engaging audiences with the story of our people and the excellence of our product. Farms will always be better than factories. Culture will always speak louder than corporations. Real people will always recognize authenticity. As the importance of brand identity begins to dominate the industry, SpeakEasy leads by example, building the foundation for success in the global cannabis market.


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Lead by experience.

Driving by passion.

Our team of passionate industry leaders bring a lifetime of in-depth knowledge and relevant experience in the agriculture business. Combining a love of cannabis and a dedication to the details, we’re building the benchmark for a global industry through our commitment to excellence.

Marc Geen, Founder & Adviser to the Board of Directors

A proud 4th-generation BC farmer, Marc Geen has been active in the legal medical marijuana industry for more than 10 years, consulting, complying with, and participating in the MMAR, MMPR, and ACMPR programs. Prior to co-founding Speakeasy Cannabis Club Ltd., Marc spent 17 years as Head of Operations for Kettle Mountain Ginseng Ltd, one of North Americas largest ginseng producers. The experience gleaned from a long career in large scale commercial farming, Mr. Geen has been able to apply many cost effective, good farming practices to the outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse cultivation of cannabis. Mr. Geen is also the co-creator of a full line of cannabis extract products designed under ACMPR regulations.

Malcolm Davidson, CPA, CA, CEO

Mr. Davidson is a career CFO and with more than 17 years of professional accounting and finance experience. Over the past year, Mr. Davidson has been the CFO for publicly traded cannabis companies. Prior to this, much of his experience has been providing CFO services to producing publicly traded mining companies that trade on the TSX and NYSE. In addition to financial reporting, Malcolm brings a wealth of knowledge to directing the regulatory and compliance environment for the Company but also works closely with executive team to ensure that It meets Its short and long term objectives. As a seasoned professional accountant, Malcolm looks forward to bringing his tax, finance, and assurance skillset to SpeakEasy.

Bin Huang, Strategic Advisor

Dr. Huang joined SpeakEasy in June 2019 as CEO. She is a seasoned life-sciences executive with experience in strategy and new business development, financing and public markets, corporate governance, as well as operations management in North America and Asia. Her work experience includes 18 years as CEO of life-sciences companies, most recently CEO of Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc., senior management roles in both startups and Fortune 500 corporations, analyst and partner at a premier investment banking firm. Dr. Huang has also served on the board of several public and private companies as well as NGOs, currently serving as chair of the board of directors of OncoQuest Inc. Dr. Huang holds a PhD in cell biology (University of East Anglia, UK) and an MBA in finance (University of Toronto, Canada).

Frey Garabagi, CSO & Director

Dr. Garabagi currently serves as Chief scientific Officer for SpeakEasy Cannabis Club and Island Canna Seeds. He is a research scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur in the field of plant molecular genetics and biotechnology with 10 years of post-doctoral research experience from the University of Guelph. Prior to joining SpeakEasy, he was VP of Research and Quality Affairs at Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. from September 2015 to January 2019. Dr. Garabagi founded Herbaceous Inc. in 2012 to organize preclinical research with non-psychoactive cannabinoids on epilepsy and obesity. The company received its right-to-build letter from Health Canada in February 2014 and completed securing a $6M financing in 2015 for the construction of its facility.

Patrick Geen, Interim CFO & Director

Patrick Geen is a co-founder and facility manager at Speakeasy Cannabis Club Ltd. Before relocating to Rock Creek to begin work at Speakeasy Patrick spent the previous 10 years as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer-Avionics in the aerospace industry at Kelowna Flightcraft after graduating at the top of his class from BCIT. Prior to that he spent 14 years as a plant science technologist at Kettle Mountain Ginseng Ltd, one of North Americas largest ginseng producers.

Bill Fleming, Director

Mr. Fleming has founded and served as CEO for a number of entrepreneurial companies and has served with senior executive teams dealing with equity and debt financings. Mr. Fleming has developed corporate strategies for a wide range of companies, from family-owned businesses to multi-national companies. Bill currently serves as President of Mernova Medicinal Inc. which recently sold to Switzerland based Creso Pharma Limited. Mr. Fleming isthe Executive Chairman of Mountain Lake Minerals and was CEO and Director of a cannabis company. He most recently served as the CFO and Director of NWest Energy Corp. Mr. Fleming has experience raising equity for small cap companies and has experience in mineral exploration, renewable energy and the cannabis industry.

Deborah Cotter, Compliance Lead

Ms. Cotter joined SpeakEasy in July 2018. She has vast experience in the public markets serving in the capacity of Corporate Secretary and Corporate Compliance Officer for over 20 years. She currently serves as Corporate Secretary to Terrace Energy Corp. and Enviro Metals Corporation, and prior to that she was Corporate Secretary of CRH Medical Corporation from January 2006 until January 2011 and Corporate Secretary of ID Biomedical Corporation from January 1999 until December 2005, the time of its takeover offer by GlaxoSmithKline pie. ID Biomedical grew from an Initial $3 million market capitalization to $1.7 billion at the time of its takeover offer from GlaxoSmithKline pie in 2005.


To be recognized as the global leader in producing premium cannabis.

OUR Values


After 50 years in agriculture understanding all the variables we deal with, the most important component to success is your people and seeing a common vision.


Chairman Merv Green