A Family Farming Legacy


Putting A Stamp on a New Crop

The Geen Family Timeline

While many cannabis companies were out spending hundreds of millions on AI, greenhouses, and robotics that they thought were going to change the cannabis world, the Geen family was decades ahead of them investing in what they knew to be the most vital part of farming, site selection.

1995: Geen family acquired 2200 acres of land in Rock Creek, BC. The area is known as the Golden Mile – where their family has successfully farmed for 5 generations.

2013: Geen family applied for a cannabis license; in 2016 290 acres of the Geen family farm would become SpeakEasy Cannabis Corp.

2017: SpeakEasy acquired 290 acres of land in Rock Creek, BC.

2018: Health Canada announces that outdoor cannabis cultivation would be allowed. SpeakEasy’s trajectory changes dramatically.

2019: Speakeasy is granted a cannabis licence for cultivation, processing, and medical sales.

2020: SpeakEasy added 2,600,000 square feet of outdoor cultivation area to its licence.


Our Responsibility

After 50 years in agriculture we understand all the variables we deal with, the most important component to success is your people and seeing a common vision.

- Merv Geen


Youth Prevention

We’re fully committed to continue developing and abiding by the stringent regulations to protect our youth and adolescents.


For the Planet

Rock Creek has been our home for over 5 decades. Throughout this time we have always been cautious of our carbon footprint.



As the largest employer in the region, we treat our community as an extension of our family.