120 Years of Agriculture Experience

History & Passion

Shaped by the land and lessons of his family history, SpeakEasy Founder Marc Geen learned the value of community from his father, who ran on of Canada’s most successful farming co-operative for decades. Today, Marc Geen carries on this tradition by bringing together a collective of world-class growers, each with a lifetime of experience and a common goal of producing some of the best in cannabis the world.

"Our innovative business model allows each grower to operate independently and gives them the freedom to develop each strain to perfection. SpeakEasy is an incubator designed to support industry-leading talent with the shared knowledge, resources, and passion of our entire operation." - Marc Geen



A catalogue of over 350 elite live cultivars


Indoor / Outdoor

Genetics for Every Environment

Our strategic partnership with PhenomeOne allows SpeakEasy to access to over 350 live cultivars that have been both rigorously lab and field-tested.


THC Genetics

SpeakEasy’s extensive catalog dates back over 15 years. We pay homage to the BC Classics line, as well as multiple outdoor varieties adapted to the West Coast and Central Interior of British Columbia.


CBD Genetics

Unique CBD strains have profiles ranging from 1:1 up to 25:1 CBD with a completely unique scent and flavor profile for both flower and extract.


Outdoor Cultivation

290 acres in Canada's Napa Valley


Sungrown Flowers

The Golden Mile

Health Canada approving outdoor cultivation in 2018 changed the trajectory of SpeakEasy overnight.

This had many producers questioning their heavy investment into their greenhouse infrastructure, while in contrast, amplifying the value of the Geen’s generational knowledge and experience in farming their fertile farmland.

The Perfect Climate

With long summers and a dry harvest season, the Southern Okanagan's landscape is ideal for growing cannabis.


Outdoor Cultivation

Low Cost

The cost to cultivate outdoor product is expected to $0.04 per gram from trimmed flower.


Cannabis Complex

Premium small batch cannabis at scale


100 % Climate Control

Optimize Genetic Specific Strains

The Company prides itself on cultivating small batch, high quality craft cannabis at scale through its indoor complex facility.

SpeakEasy believes that a hands on approach which includes 100 % climate control, is the only way to fully cultivate each strain’s unique attributes to the fullest potential.


1,200 sqft Perfected

Attending to Individual Plant Needs

The strains that comprise crop rooms are matched up, in terms of their growth characteristics and needs, so that growers can better tailor feedings and direct plant care.


Our Grow Process

Hung to Dry, Hand Trimmed, Extended Cure Time

Our design allows us to harvest an entire room all at once which is followed by a 5 to 8 week drying and curing process that’s used to achieve a smooth and flavorful smoke. This is a process that is unmatched by large scale cannabis factories.

Luxury Cannabis Product

Individual growers have complete control of climate to maximize their unique formula and optimize yield for each strain.