Investing in family farming values



120 Years of Agricultural Experience

The Geen family has been actively farming in the Okanagan for 5 generations, successfully operating tree fruit orchards, vineyards, and ground crop plantations.

290 Acres for Outdoor Cultivation

SpeakEasy successfully completed it's 2020 outdoor harvest with a total yield of 72,000 KG. The Company plans to double the yield for the 2021 season.

Undervalued Asset

If we look at our current competitor's multiplier of revenue to establish market capitalization, the Company believes even with a modest harvest in the next 12 months SpeakEasy is poised to become a top contender.


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“The goal wiTh any crop is to have a higher yield aT a lower cost while producing quality consistently. with these principals at the core of our business, we look to establish standards to quickly become cash flow positive and generate a significant return on shareholder capital over the long-term.”


“SpeakEasy has been extremely busy, diligently building this business for our shareholders for several years now, holding fast to our vision and goals with the belief that building a real business is the best way to serve our shareholders and the best path to success."


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