A letter from our CEO in these hard times

Dear SpeakEasy shareholders,

During these difficult times, I believe it is important to step back and examine the big picture. The SpeakEasy facilities are located on the foot of our family ranch, the place where I have raised some of and continue to raise the rest of my 8 children. This place, this company, is the core of all I represent, it is an extension of who I am, it is my waking thought, my all day, everyday work and it fills my dreams, so it is understandable that everything that happens in or to SpeakEasy, I take very personally. I am utterly disappointed that the Company finds itself in its current situation due to its past association with the named parties and we are working hard to exonerate the Company from any wrongdoing.

My great-grandfather, grandfather, father, brother and I have all spent our lifetimes farming and building our reputations based on honesty and hard work. Combined, we represent SpeakEasy’s largest shareholders and have everything to lose so no one is more heartbroken than I am to hear we have been associated with the alleged improprieties released last week. Activities such as those are the furthest thing from our core values and we continue to work to prove beyond a doubt we did not willingly participate in any way. Our focus is on building a real business, a business I am happy to toil away countless hours on, one that will be around for generations.

We aren’t different than most other cannabis companies because being unique is a selling point, we are different because of our philosophy and because of the people that makeup SpeakEasy. Our hardworking, dedicated people understand what they are building and know what this company is capable of. Our hard work is paying off. Phase 1 facility complete, Phase 2 well underway, buildings to lock up, other buildings going up, our industry changing 60-acre outdoor plantation being developed for the spring of 2019 and many positive steps with Health Canada working towards licensing, all things needed to build a real functioning business.

We believe that we are in the right place at the right time, the race to produce a high-quality product that the customers actually want hasn’t even begun yet with the vast majority of LP’s failing to be able to provide it. We believe we can produce what the customer wants because our featured growers are part of that culture, are in touch with consumers and have all grown legally for years. Our Rock Creek facility invites you to arrange a visit and allow me to give you a tour of all we have accomplished and get a grasp on how bright our future really is.

I would like to thank a large number of shareholders that have reached out to show their support, I am truly humbled. I would like to assure all of our valued shareholders that we here at SpeakEasy have been working tirelessly for you and will always continue to do so. Thank you so much for your faithful support.

Marc Geen CEO
SpeakEasy Cannabis Club
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