Cannabis Complex Reaches Lockup

The philosophy behind the Cannabis Complex is simple – design a facility around the needs of our 5 featured growers, and grow premium small batch cannabis that generates a high-profit margin. Our mission is to employ small-scale time-tested ideas that focus on quality and attention to detail then, scale them up to meet expected demand.

As move closer to finalizing the second facility, we wanted to give you a brief breakdown of the updates, changes, and overall progress. Additionally, we’ve also included images of the progress shots of the first facility.


Updates and Changes to Initial Plans

Phase two, which was initially planned for 80,000 square feet of production space has now been upgraded to:

  • 100,000 square feet of production, processing and support buildings

In July of this year the government of BC updated building code requirements on buildings designated for cannabis production. This change affected many licensed producers. Here is a quick breakdown of how the changes have affected SpeakEasy:

  • Cultivation in greenhouses without a concrete foundation and outdoor production are not affected by these changes – SpeakEasy will not be affected as we will be building indoor production facilities on land outside the ALR
  • Our process facility that will be located on ALR land is not affected by the changes – provided 50% or more of the product processed in the facility is grown on the land


Overall Progress Report

The progress we have made this year has been very impressive:

  • Locking up the first 26,600 square foot building
  • Delivering the second building – foundation completed with projected completion to lock up of the second building before the end of January
  • Completion of a fully functional office complex
  • Completion of our 5,000 square foot future lab building
  • Final hook up of our massive 7-megawatt power upgrade – finished December 13th.
  • Preparations for our outdoor plantation
  • License application is underway

The regulations under the new CTLS system allow us to bring in genetics as soon as we are licensed. We have gathered a huge library of strains from our growers and partners within the personal production community and we’re eager to get started.


Our Existing Facility

Our fully built 10,000 square foot facility is standing by awaiting final licensing. Built with small-batch artisan style in mind, it will be the first in our fleet of facilities with the ability to produce a premium cannabis not found anywhere else in the world. We have 6 production rooms with a total of 169 lights ready to begin.

There are many barriers to entry into cultivation – the location, access to proven genetics, an onsite process facility, the experience to grow, process and extract material just to name a few. SpeakEasy is in the unique position to be one of the only companies with all things necessary to grow premium small batch cannabis for the 2019 season.

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