Phase 2 Update: 80,000 SQFT “Cannabis Complex” to Produce Premium Small-Batch Product from BC’s Best Growers

Vancouver, B.C., April 24, 2018 – Speakeasy Cannabis Club Ltd. (CSE: EASY) (Frankfurt: 39H) (the “Company”)

Construction of the Phase 2 development, a purpose-built multiple-room production facility and extraction facility is well under way at Speakeasy Cannabis Club, a late stage applicant awaiting their cultivation license under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

This is Phase 2 of a multi-tiered approach to perfecting the cultivation of particular strains. The “Cannabis Complex” consist of 80,0000 SQFT represented by: 3 buildings at 27,000 SQFT each, 40 self-contained flower rooms, 4 vegetation rooms and 4 cure rooms. Allowing each flower room to be self contained with its own environment in order to perfect a single strain’s output in producing a premium product. This is where Marc Geen’s vision of a united BC growers collective comes into action. With each individual grower having the freedom to execute on their already successful trial-and-tested growing techniques and cannabis genetics. On a global stage, this will allow Speakeasy Cannabis Club to always have a diverse offering of the best bud that Canada has to offer.

The state-of-the-art indoor facility that is situated on 290 acres of British Columbia’s most optimal cannabis growing lands has been designed to produce small-batch premium cannabis.

This facility has been designed by CEO Marc Geen who has 15 years of experience working with MMAR / MMPR / ACMPR licenses growing medical cannabis and 120 years of agriculture experience with his family’s business.

Commencing in October, Speakeasy Cannabis Club will have an initial production run rate of approximately 8,100 KG increasing to 11,000 KG of cannabis per year based on the improvements realized from Phase 1 plus the construction of the Phase 2 facility.

The global market is experiencing a massive demand for legal premium cannabis for medical and recreational markets. The demand is expected to continue for years to come. As brands mature the value of premium product will be unparalleled on a global stage. Speakeasy’s vision is to be recognized as a global leader in producing high-end premium cannabis which offers us the highest margin of any product on the market.


Facility Characteristics

Due to the expertise and experience of the Speakeasy growers collective and management team, the new facility will be ultra-efficient while maintaining a level of quality that will allow Speakeasy product to live within the upper echelon of global cannabis product.

While the facility was originally planned for 80,000 SQFT of grow room, utilizing best practices learned from previous developments, the design was optimized to incorporate a cannabis oil extraction facility as well.

  • The “Cannabis Complex” facility will be characterized by the use of advanced techniques of cultivation for producing premium cannabis.
    • Each 13,300 SQFT building is modular in its design thus designed for easy replication
    • Each building consist of 10 grow rooms, 1 vegetation room and 1 cure room
    • 600 – 1000 SQFT is the optimal footprint for growing premium cannabis
    • Independent indoor environment controls for each room to perfect each strain’s characteristics to its maximum potential
    • Each building will have self-contained rooms for hang drying and hand trimming
    • Yield size of each room allows staff to manage the cure properly to ensure a premium finished product
    • Self-contained rooms minimizing risk of contamination to each room
    • An optimized environment will facilitate a harvest every two days, allowing for efficient management of supply and shelf life
    • Two days harvest cycles create optimal management of staff for harvesting without the need to bring in help from outside sources


Key Project Metrics and Timelines

  • The building site for the Phase 2 facility has been levelled and prepared for the installation of the screw pile foundation expected within the next 2 weeks.
  • The buildings are expected to arrive May 1st, exterior build by early summer, and the interior build-out is expected to completion is for mid fall.


Rock Creek, British Columbia

Given the unique climate and location of Rock Creek – “Marijuana Country” – in British Columbia, the Company is in a position to cultivate some of the highest quality Cannabis in Canada and globally.

With access to significant Natural Gas, Water and 3 Phase Electricity, the property’s infrastructure makes Speakeasy Cannabis Club very competitive in comparison to other producers while producing high- quality cannabis at one of the lowest cost per gram in the industry.


“After 15 years of growing medical cannabis we’re extremely excited about the amount of knowledge that went into designing these building for the cultivation of premium cannabis,” said Marc Geen, CEO.

“We have some of BC’s best growers that will have complete control over these grow rooms representing their own strains on the global stage,” said Marc Geen, CEO.

“This unquing design allow us to replicate these building again and again on our 290 acres here in Rock Creek, with a multi phased approach, we can soon represent 50 strains of BC bud to appease the appetite of the discerning cannabis consumer,” said Marc Geen, CEO.

“We’re excited about moving from speculation to actual sales, this is where our team’s experience will shine,” said Marc Geen, CEO.

“Small-batch high-quality production is the only way to grow premium cannabis. It is the only way to retain patients and customers. After spending 15-years growing medical cannabis, the biggest takeaway is that experience is essential in growing premium product, there is absolutely no machine that can replicate it.” said Marc Geen, CEO.


About Speakeasy

SpeakEasy is a late stage ACMPR applicant that is leveraging three generations of farming experience and the largest land package of LP in Canada with 290 acres of the best agricultural land in British Columbia’s Southern interior region; known as the Napa Valley of weed country. SpeakEasy is disrupting the cultivation model by aggregating British Columbia’s best craft growers under one umbrella to produce the highest quality cannabis targeted at the highly sought after millennial recreational market.

SpeakEasy has submitted its extensive evidence package to Health Canada for its current 10,000 square feet facility and has commenced construction on its 80,000 square feet expansion facility. This 80,000 square foot facility will include growing, extraction and genetics labs that will be capable of producing more than 10,000 kg annually.


Speakeasy Cannabis Club Ltd. (CSE: EASY)

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